Friday, June 6, 2014

Keeping Score

Life is not a football game or an Olympic event...there is no score keeping.  To live an authentic life should be our goal!  Be true to God and to yourself.  In marriage, parenting or friendship, there should be no such thing as keeping a tally of who does what for whom, etc.  If you are naturally affectionate, give that hug even if the other person doesn't hug back.  If you are verbally affirming, give that compliment or show your interest in others even when they don't reciprocate. 

One of Satan's lies is that we should treat others the way they treat us.  Wrong!  Been there, done didn't work and I felt miserable.  You cannot expect people to act or react the same way you do. It's not fair to them and you will be contantly frustrated. hard as it sounds, give love, kindness, mercy, patience, understanding and forgiveness away freely, whether it comes back to you or not.  It's not always easy, but it's always rewarding in the end!  Plus, you have obeyed God and stayed true to who you are.  We can not know the hurts and sorrows in a person's they've been wounded, betrayed, abused, neglected, bullied. 

Don't keep score!!  Thank God if you have an open spirit, an unguarded heart and a desire for intimacy!  He can use you to open the door of someone else's wounded heart.  I use to say "I love people more than they love me!"  I would say that during a pity party, which thankfully didn't last very long.  Thing is, IF that is true in some cases, that's okay because I always know that the love of Jesus is available to me, every second.  Plus, He really is the only One who meets the needs of my soul.

Don't keep score!!  If someone's warm.  If someone's humble.  If someone's not a better listener.  If someone's hurting...reach out with a reassuring hug.  If someone sins...stop judging.  If a friend forgets to call...make the call yourself.  If no one's interested in your even more interested in theirs.

You don't have to keep score to be a winner in this crazy, wonderful, exasperating, exciting challenge called LIFE~